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A while back, my friend Sol decided he wanted to take his annual cookie bake off to the next level. What was once an event in his home for 10-15 people, has since turned into a fundraiser for 150 guests. But after cookies, Sol wanted a new challenge. What could be more challenging than 4 variety of cookies?

Well for starters, cooking 1000+ pieces of sausage to serve 120 people, all while raising funds for a sustainable food future, is quite the task. Twenty of Toronto’s best chefs and butchers came together with over 30 varieties of sausages. When tasting this much meat, we thought it would be smart for people to have a light, neutral snack between sausages.

We offered to bring out our Dill Rye Soda Bread v1.2. This batch saw the addition of spent rye grains used in producing beer. The grains being malted and pre soaked, made them the perfect addition to a hearty soda bread. What would have been waste was given a second use, and produced a unique product.

Along with the soda bread, we featured Focaccia v2.0. A traditional focaccia recipe made with a blend of K2 Milling Loftus All-Purpose and a conventional all-purpose flour. We replaced the olive oil with a cold pressed canola oil, then topped the loaves with a caramelized fennel and onion compote.

The sausages were a hit, but the breads had their moment in the spotlight too. In all it was great evening that raised $10,000 for a group of people that work everyday to promote healthy, sustainable food systems. They educate on the benefits of eating quality ingredients and they respect those that are working towards a healthier tomorrow.

While it was a full day of cooking, it was satisfying to know at the end of the day we were able to make a difference by bringing people together around food.